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The Black Pearl of Roster Ltd and How We Transport Oversized/Overweight Payloads

26 June 2020

With a clear vision for the future, Roster Ltd. bought a brand-new top of the line truck – Scania S730 8x4. The truck is one of only 3 manufactured in Europe and is configured for the present and future needs of the company in the field of the specialized transportation of heavy machinery.

The incredible 16-litres V8 engine of the truck ensures the mind-blowing 730 hp with a momentum of 3500 Nm. It is configured with the Highline s-sleeper cab which brings the luxury to the next level and brings you more space, comfort and storage for longer trips. The most modern 12+2 range-splitter gearbox of Scania is put to use when there is a demand for extra low-speed pulling power such as heavy construction applications. Our broad tandem driven hub reduction axles are robust and durable and offer great stability and ground clearance. It masters extremely high gross vehicles and train weights to up to 210 tonnes.

In order to assure safe transport of specialized payloads, we need a reliable loading platform. Roster Ltd. settled for Faymonville, the leading full-range manufacturer of special vehicles for heavy load transport and special transport. After a meeting between the representatives of both Scania and Farmonville, the most optimal configuration possible was created for the 2 machines which must work in synchrony in order to assure reliability, safety and efficiency. The modular system of a semi-trailer with lowbed Faymonville CombiMAX consists of a gooseneck, front 3-axis bogie, lowbed, and rear 5-axis bogie.

All axes are independently steering in a direction set by the operator. The semi-trailer system is future proof because of its full modularity which allows adding more bogies seamlessly. Using this specialized system for transporting oversized/overweight payloads, which consists of truck Scania S730 and semi-trailer Faymonville CombiMax, we have the technical expertise to perform transportation services with heavy machinery up to the spectacular 138 tones of payload.


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