Recycling of construction waste

Roster Ltd. offers its customers the opportunity to recycle and utilize waste materials from a site by using modern mobile equipment for crushing construction waste (mobile rotary crushing plant). The company has extensive experience and willingness to manage construction waste - from its generation, through its recycling stages, including pre-sorting, preparation, treatment, etc., to the final product and recycling result - offering recycled construction waste materials. The recovery and recycling process is carried out in addition to the production sites of the company in Smolyan, Plovdiv, and Burgas, and directly on the construction and demolition sites (sites, waste generators).

Roster Ltd. manufactures “recycled rock material” construction products from construction waste according to BDS EN 13242 “Rock materials for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures for use in construction equipment and road construction”, what products are used in road construction, embankments, landscaping, and backfilling. With this activity, Roster Ltd. contributes to maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing wastage of materials and energy.